É sobre buscar a perfeição e
replicá-la com maestria

It's about seeking perfection and
replicate it masterfully

Through a meticulous production that allies technique, high precision and love of details, we are able to replicate the most complex shapes.

Discover the elemental strength of the wood

Hymenaea Courbaril

Known for being one of the best hardwoods in the world, Jatoba gives life to Triskel® and has refined and charming tones, with resistance to last for generations.

Hymenaea Courbaril is a large tree, often found along the forest and with no risk of extinction. It is recognized for its high quality and durability, being exceptionally rigid, strong and considered difficult to work due to its hardness.

The passion for wood

The attraction and respect for the variety of tones, grains and textures is what transforms the artisan's routine in the workshop into emotion.

Observation is a daily exercise that serves as a precise tool to understand the material we have in hands, and to manufacture products that fascinate and enhance all the natural beauty of wood.

                  Production process

                  The selection of wood and the perfect fit of parts is a result of ancient woodworking techniques and technology.

                  - The choice of crafting processes reflects the expertise of the woodworker;
                  - The execution exposes the craftsman's care and inspiration;
                  - The finish reveals the masterpiece to the world.

                  Intense reddish-brown color,
                  moderate brightness, red to light brown heartwood.