In Gaelic, Awen means "inspiration" or "creative flow." It is believed that Awen takes the form of a muse that captivates creativity and imagination.

Minimalist and elegant

Fluid design, perfect for a ride on the beach, in the neighborhood, or on a pleasant day in the park.

Ergonomics and wellness

Every line and angle has been meticulously considered to optimize ergonomics, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable riding experience.

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The honor of owning an exclusive masterpiece that transcends time.

Each Andicrose Awen has a unique numbering, carrying with it the dedication and talent of our craftsmen. Every detail is carefully considered, resulting in perfection and style.

Exceptional comfort

Andicrose & Selle Royal

Developed with the innovative RoyalgelTM technology from Selle Royal, this saddle provides an exceptional experience. With its ergonomic structure and high-density padding, the saddle adapts perfectly to your needs, offering pressure relief and shock absorption, even on the most rugged terrains.

Express your personality by riding an Andicrose.

Subtle and elegant engraving. A refined detail that represents our brand and the commitment to the craftsmanship excellence and quality of each bicycle.

Proudly handcrafted 

Each Andicrose is much more than just a bicycle; they are artwork in motion. Crafted to provide an exceptional experience in creating moments and unforgettable memories for those who ride them.

The natural beauty of 

Brazilian Cherry

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, this wood offers unique riding characteristics. Its ability to absorb vibrations provides a smooth and comfortable ride, while its structural rigidity ensures strength and stability.

Symbol of a commitment

The Andicrose badge is our gold-plated symbol of luxury and sophistication, elevating beauty and value to an even more exclusive level.

Fork also 
in wood

The wooden fork is a true masterpiece of Andicrose engineering, blending harmony, functionality, and a passion for cycling.

The Awen is single speed

With a single speed, you'll feel truly connected to the bike, embracing the pure essence of minimalism.

Ideal for urban commuting and leisurely rides, allowing you to savor the joy of cycling.

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Order your AwenFor those who desire a luxury bicycle that exceeds expectations.

The Awen+ is the enhanced version with an exciting CVP (Continuously Variable Planetary) transmission upgrade. It offers a more dynamic pedaling experience, allowing for smooth and silent speed transitions.

Additionally, the Awen+ comes with a custom display stand designed to enhance its beauty and elegance. Perfect for showcasing your bike in the most prestigious room of your home.

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