In Celtic culture, the Triskel is a powerful geometric symbol signifying the harmonious triad of life, the divine interplay between body, mind, and soul.

Brazilian Cherry. Nature's steel from the Forest

Andicrose understands that quality begins with carefully selected materials, and Brazilian Cherry was the perfect choice. In addition to being renewable, it is known for its high strength and durability, comparable to steel.

The balance between weight and strength.

The Triskel frame is hollow inside, optimized for the necessary balance between lightness and strength.


The Triskel's soul​ 

The bike springs to life when we anchor the source of our inspirations. The Andicrose badge represents our gold-plated purpose and the soul of Triskel.

Design and engineering

Named Baruk®, we've created a system responsible for guiding and concealing the roses within the bicycle frame.

Belt Drive System

The best drive technology in the market. The belts are highly resistant, require no lubrication, and are silent while pedaling.

CVP Gearbox

Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) technology enables exceptionally smooth and continuous gear changes, allowing you to pedal at your own pace.

Durable and silent, the system is enclosed and maintenance-free.

Grandeur and elegance

The optimization of angles and dimensions is responsible for enhancing comfort and stability during the ride, while its striking lines define the Triskel's personality.

Wooden Fork

Our team didn't yield to using a commercial structure for the second most crucial part of our bikes. Instead, we designed a wooden fork with exceptional strength, comfort, and beauty.

Wood and
Metal Joint

Inspired by ancient methods of fastening wood and metal, our wheels coupling system is unique, designed exclusively for our bikes.

Design and Sophistication


Crafted Especially for You

Follow the entire handcraft process, from the selection of wood to the moment our brand joins your story as we engrave your name on the wood and immortalize our connection.

Connect with nature, seek your roots, and create memories.


A Truly Luxury Experience

"Targeted at the luxury market, this bicycle is crafted by combining high-end technology with millennia-old manual processes to provide a truly luxurious experience, as if the buyer were acquiring a work of art in an international gallery."

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